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Bolt-On Rake Kits

Convert your Harley®, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, or Yamaha Cruiser into a Custom Chopper in one day!

Only AME, offers 3 Choices of rake

Front Ends - 9 degree,14 degree or 18degee raked triple trees
 We won't be undersold!!!
Best pricing on chrome rake kits anywhere in the world!!

TUV Certified, AME Rake Kits 
No other kit on the market allows a stock frame to be raked this much and still have the correct geometry. Your motorcycle will ride as good or better than stock all the way up to top speed, guaranteed!!

Chopper Kit - Bolt-On Front End 9 degree,14 degree or 18degee raked triple trees
AME offers kits for over 90 models today, with new models in the works all the time.

 1 day Install - No Cutting, Welding, Sanding or Painting!!

A tried and tested system now for nearly 20 years, the AME bolt-on Rake Kit is a safe and affordable system that lets you transform your stock motorcycle into a custom chopper in 1 day using your stock frame. The AME system actually changes the steering head angle on your frame without cutting or welding on it. This is not simply a raked triple tree, but a patented set of steel triple trees, bearings, fork tubes and offset components that provide the correct geometry, so your bike will handle at it's best. 
The most important aspect of a chopper is the trail dimension. A bike which simply relies on a raked or adjustable tree cannot achieve more then 5 or 6 deg of additional rake before the trail becomes so small that the bikes handling becomes dangerous. The AME bolt-on system eliminates the guess work by providing your bike with the same trail as the stock motorcycle. 

"Heavy duty, Triple Plated Chromed Steel, the AME Kit is:
The Strongest Kit On The Market!!



2006 V-Rod Night-Rod.18 deg. kit with 4" over tubes.

2002 Honda ACE VT750  14 degree 6" OS tubes

2002 Harley® FATBOY 14 degree with 8" over stock tubes

2002 Honda VTX  18 degree 8" OS tubes

Harley® Bikes

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Yamaha Chopper Kits

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